Puerto Rican Salsa

Puerto Rican Salsa

We welcome new beginners every Tuesday  

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– Tuesday 8:30-9:30 pm: Puerto Rican Salsa beginner classes ON2 (NY Style)
(Description: Shines Course & Partner Work of Puerto Rican Salsa for participants wishing to learn Puerto Rican Salsa as well only to participants who already have some bases in Cuban and/or Puerto Rican Salsa).

– Tuesday 21h30-22h30: «Lady&Men Styling&Technique de Salsa portoricaine
(Description: Course in which different training methods are introduced in order to acquire style and technique in the following areas: balance/towers – movements of bras&body isolations combined with Shines – base step supports/variations.)

3 month subscription (1 hour of lessons per week): 360chf
3-month subscription (2 hours per week): 600chf
3 month subscription (3 hours of courses 
subscription of 3 months (3 hours of lessons per week): 720chf -> 

– Cuban salsa is a very dynamic dance. This is the kind of salsa where la ‘Rueda’ is danced (a dance that has couples form a circle and dance in a synchronised manner and the women go from one male dancer to the next). This style of salsa involves a lot of ” walking ” 

– Puerto Rican salsa  is much slower and sensual. There are many different choreographies. Aesthetically, it is the type of salsa which is closest to ballroom dancing.

A bit of history

– The choreography of Cuban salsa was born in dance clubs and schools around Cuba.

– Puerto Rican salsa, comes from Mambo (which is why it is also called « salsa-mambo » in the United States), and it was invented by the Latin American community in the United States.